Ajijic Artists

Welcome to the World of Art and Artists in Ajijic, Mexico.

Ajijic artists have found that the mystical energy of this land has long been a source of transformation and enlightenment for humans and their artistic endeavors. Natives of the region have for millennia produced art that both honored the gods and brought blessings to life, portrayed the sometimes-harsh realities of post-Colonialism, and sought to express Mexico’s cultural and existential insights. In the post-modern era, creative wanderers were inexorably drawn here by the region’s constant sunlight, bird songs, soft breezes and peaceful spirit.

Thus, captivated, the beauty of the area and the extant undercurrent of native artistic expression served to inspire the foreign artist in both practice and sensibility and many of today’s native-born artists are graduates of art programs sponsored by the foreign community and this has created a cross-cultural harmony among Ajijic’s local artists.

It can be said that an artist says things with colors and shapes that he couldn’t say any other way. We invite you to take a walk through our Ajijic Art and Artist pages and immerse yourself in the veritable cacophony of sculpture, oil and acrylic painting, watercolor, textiles, jewelry, stained glass, photography and pottery. Welcome to the unique World of Art and Artists in Ajijic. Get ready to be transformed!

One of the Ajijic artists -  Judy Welch

Judy Welch

Painter, Sculptor
Contact Information:
Phone: (Mexico) 376-766-4047
Email: judywelchmexico@gmail.com

One of the Ajijic artists -  Jesus Lopez Vega.

jesus lopez vega

Contact Information:
(Mexico) Cell Phone: 045-331-103-8380
Email: arteajijic@hotmail.com

One of the Ajijic artists -  Cathy Chalvignac.

Cathy Chalvignac

Contact Information:
Phone: (Mexico) 376-766-1153
Email: cathy_chalvignac@hotmail.com

Portrait picture of Ajijic artist Chelo Gonzalez


Contact Information:
Phone (Mexico): 331-287-2521
 Chelo’s Gordas

Portrait of Ajijic artist Javier Ramos beside black sketched nude.

Javier Ramos

Contact Information
Facebook Link

Portrait of Ajijic artist Federico Enciso Ramos

Federico Enciso Ramos

Design in Stone and Rock

Ajijic artist and photographer Jill Flyer.

Jill Flyer

Contact Information:
Phone: (Mexico) 376-766-3025
(Cell) 331-140-1171
Email: fotoflyer2003@yahoo.com
Website: www.mexploration.net/

Ajijic artist and photographer Damyn Young.

Damyn Young

Contact Information:
Phone:  (cell) (045) 331-603-7501
(Canada and the US) 1 (602) 218-7273
Email: ARTE@DamynYoung.com
Website: www.DamynYoung.com/

Profile picture of Ajijic artist photographer Jill Fessenden.

Xill Fessenden

Contact Information:
Phone: (Mexico) 376-766-3703
Studio Vision – Aldama 3B, Ajijic, Jalisco
Email: xfessenden@yahoo.com.mx

More great Ajijic, Artist!

Ajijic artist Isabel Goode-DeBlanc

Isabel Goode-DeBlanc

Contact Information:
Phone: 713-444-7878
Email: isadeblanc@gmail.com

Profile picture of Ajijic artist and Sculptor Estela Hidalgo.

estela hidalgo

Contact Information:
Phone: (Mexico) 376-766-1125
Email: estela@hidalgo55sculptor.com

Ajijic artist and watercolorist Lois Schroff.

Lois Schroff

Contact Information:
Phone: (Mexico) 376-766-5606
Email: lois.schroff@gmail.com

Portrait of Ajijic artist and painter Luis Enrique.

Luis Enrique

Contact Information:
Phone: (Mexico) Cell: (045) 3331-242-6494
Email: luis-piano@hotmail.com

Ajijic artist Luis Mancera McCormick.

Luis Mancera McCormick

Contact Information:
Phone: (Mexico) 376-766-6024
(Cell) 333-676-5332
Email: photogenesisajijic@yahoo.com

Portrait of Ajijic artist and painter Brian Pimlott.

Brian Pimlott

Contact Information:
Phone: (Mexico) 376-766-0543
Email: bpimlott@gmail.com

“Your souce for information about Ajijic Artists that live in the Lake Chapala area of Mexico .”
Horse tied up outside the Chameleon Bar in Ajijic, Mexico.

Events and Holidays

February 5th - Constitution Day
Benito Juárez Birthday - 3rd Monday in March
Labor Day - May 1
Independence Day - September 16
Mother's Day - May 10th
Day of the Dead - November 2
Revolution Day - the third Monday in
November 12th - Day of the Virgin of Guadalupe Christmas Day - December 25