Artist Judy Welch

Painter, Sculptor

Dreams and interpreted images inspire the artist Judy Welch. Once colour and form appear on the canvas, she captures not only light and shade in its layered nuance, but artistic narrative – each painting tells a story. An artist from the age of seven, Judy counts Ida Kohlmeyer and Helen Frankenthaler as her inspiration and aspiration; over the years her work has evolved to reflect Symbolism, Fauvism, Surrealism and the Abstract.

In 2001, Judy moved to Mexico from New Orleans, where she had produced a television show utilizing the creative talents of theater students; she was also active in the New Orleans art scene. She continues to paint in acrylic and oil on canvas and also works in paper sculpture. Of her work in Mexico, Judy says, “I feel an affinity for Latin American art because, regardless of technique or era, it is all about narrative. Mexico has a rich visual history.”

Contact Information for Artist Judy Welch:
Phone: (Mexico) 376-766-4047

Abstract by Artist Judy Welch of Ajijic, Mexico named Yellow #5 acrylic on canvas painting.

“Yellow #5 “

Acrylic on canvas
24″x30″ – $700 USD

Dream Train acrylic painting on canvas by Artist Judy Welch.

“Dream Train”

Acrylic on canvas 32″x32″. $800 USD

Untitled acrylic on canvas painting of a large leaf wrapped around a woman's face and upper body by Artist Judy Welch.


Acrylic on canvas 24″x30″ $800 USD

Bowl, Spoon, Clouds acrylic painting on canvas by Artist Judy Welch.

“Bowl, Spoon, Clouds”

Acrylic on canvas 24″x30″. $650 USD

Artist Judy Welch named this piece Blue Horse, acrylic painting on canvas.

“Blue Horse”

Acrylic on canvas 72″x48″ NFS. Giclee copies available.

Big Girl, Little Curl acylic on paper sculpture created by Artist Judy Welch of Ajijic, Mexico.

Big Girl, Little Curl”

Sculpture 19″x16″x7″ $900 USD”

“Come to Ajijic for the Art and Artists.”

Horse tied up outside the Chameleon Bar in Ajijic, Mexico.

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