Ajijic Entertainment

day and Night life in Ajijic.

Ajijic entertainment happens throughout the day and the night in Ajijic.  There’s always something going on to keep you occupied.  Over the past several years there has been a strong presence of Jazz Festivals in both the Fall and Winter with musicians coming from Canada, the United States and Europe.  Local musicians offer a range of musical genres from Mexican folk to jazz, to blues to good old rock and roll and contemporary favourites.  Under the direction of Timothy Welch, both mexicans and expats have formed an excellent Chorus and perform a few concerts throughout the year at the Riberas Auditorium.

Lakeside entertainment is rich with various things to keep you occupied, the only issue is finding time to fit everything in.


Adelitas Bar and Grill: San Antonio Tlayacapan

Bar El Camaleon: Ajijic Centro

Caja de Musicia: Ajijic Plaza

Cocktail Bar: Ajijic Centro

El Barco: Ajijic


Exotica Bar: Ajijic Plaza

Iron Horse: Riberas 

Mama’s Bar: San Antonio Tlayacapan

Spotlight Club: San Antonio Tlayacapan

Bar La Tia: Ajijic Centro


Theatre Groups

The Naked Stage

Lighthouse Theatre


Auditorio de Riberas

Cultural Centre de Ajijic

Centro Cultral de Chapala


The Spotlight Club: San Antonio Tlayacapan

Centro Cultural Ajijic: Ajijic Plaza

Iron Horse: Riberas

El BarCo: Ajijic



El Cameleon: Ajijic

Exotica: Ajijic Plaza

Mama’s Bar: San Antonio Tlayacapan


Los Cantantes del Lago: Contact


La Bodega: Ajijic

El Infierno: Ajijic

“ajijic entertainment rocks.”

Horse tied up outside the Chameleon Bar in Ajijic, Mexico.

Events and Holidays

February 5th - Constitution Day
Benito Juárez Birthday - 3rd Monday in March
Labor Day - May 1
Independence Day - September 16
Mother's Day - May 10th
Day of the Dead - November 2
Revolution Day - the third Monday in
November 12th - Day of the Virgin of Guadalupe Christmas Day - December 25