Ajijic Emergency Contacts

Peace of mind is an important part of enjoying your stay in Ajijic, so feel free to print a copy of Ajijic Emergency numbers listed below and keep it in an easy to find location just in case the unexpected happens.
It’s always a good practice to check that the numbers haven’t changed.


Ajijic: 066 or 766-1760

Chapala: 066 or 765-4444

066 or (387) 763-0006



066 or 766-3615


065 or 765-2308


Hospitals & Clinics

Ajijic Hospital: 376 766 0500

Clinica Ibarra… 765-3396

Clinica Maskaras…765-4838

Vehicle Rescue

Green Angels:
078 or 01-800-903-9200

Tow Truck: 765-4280


CFE Hotline (electricity)

071 or 765-3966

Home Phone

Telephone Repair Hotline: 050
Operator Assistance: 040


PROFECO (Consumer Protection Agency)


“be prepared in case of unexpected emergencies while in ajijic.”

Events and Holidays

February 5th - Constitution Day
Benito Juárez Birthday - 3rd Monday in March
Labor Day - May 1
Independence Day - September 16
Mother's Day - May 10th
Day of the Dead - November 2
Revolution Day - the third Monday in
November 12th - Day of the Virgin of Guadalupe Christmas Day - December 25