Artist Isabel Goode-DeBlanc


Artist Isabel Goode-DeBlanc is an impressionistic artist who prefers to paint from life. Often working in plein air, she paints landscapes on-site where she can get the total feeling of her subject. In the studio, Isabel uses natural light to produce portraits and nudes. She employs the “Alla Prima” technique in her paintings, which encompass a wide range of subjects in various media – oils, pastels and watercolors.

A native of Mexico, Isabel was raised on the Texas Coast and became an artist at the early age of four years old. Her artistic gifts have seen her exhibited in Texas, New Mexico, California, France and Mexico. She also has been featured in one-woman shows in San Miguel de Allende and La Manzanilla, Mexico. Isabel has homes in both Ajijic, Mexico and in Texas and as the spirit moves her she divides her time between them both.”

Contact Information of Isobel Goode-DeBlanc:
Phone: 713-444-7878

Oil painting of sunset over Lake Chapala by Artist Isabel Goode-DeBlanc

“Sunset over Lake Chapala”

Oil Painting 16″x20″. $800 USD

Oil painting of the Six Corners area of Ajijic by Artist Isabel Goode-DeBlanc of Ajijic Mexico.

“Six Corners”

Oil Painting 18″x24″. $1000 USD”

Artist Isabel Goode-DeBlanc of Ajijic Mexico, Oil painting of blue dusk over over Lake Chapala with boats in the foeground.

“Blue Dusk”

Oil Painting 18″x24″. $1000 USD

Pastel drawing of 2 Sisters by Artist Isabel Goode-DeBlanc of Ajijic Mexico.


Pastel Drawing 16″x20″. $600 USD”

Artist Isabel Goode-DeBlanc depicts a Rose in a silver pitcher painted in oil on canvas.

“Rose in Silver Pitcher”

Oil Painting 8″x10″. $400 USD”

Artist Isabel Goode-DeBlanc creates a realistic Pastel drawing of young girl named Allie.


Pastel Drawing 16″x20″. NFS”

Contact Information for Isabel Goode-LaBlanc
Phone: 713-444-7878

Horse tied up outside the Chameleon Bar in Ajijic, Mexico.

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