Artist Chelo Gonzalez


Artist Chelo Gonzalez first became interested in painting and art when he was seven years old while his brother was taking private art lessons.  Chelo began to sketch and do some painting when he was a young teen but became frustrated when he couldn’t achieve the results he desired.

Chelo’s went on to build a family and became a drummer where he performed all over Guadalajara and Mexico.  Chelo explored photography for several years but his interest in painting once again came in his late forties from local artist Javier Ramos who was teaching a friend of Chelo’s.  On his own, Chelo took paint and brush to canvas and the rest is history.

Today Chelo’s Gorda’s are sought after by Mexican Nationals and people from the United States and Canada.  Chelo has shown his works at shows and galleries in Guadalajara and Ajijic and is often commissioned to create personal portraits that depict his clients’ personality and hobbies.

Leap of Faith by Artist Chelo Gonzalez acrylic on canvas.


Artist Chelo Gonzalez Catrina Gorda painted on canvas with acrylic.


Acrylic on canvas painting, The Reader by Artist Chelo Gonzalez.


La Bici by artist Chelo Gonzalez, acrylic on canvas.


La Senaida by Artist Chelo Gonzalez, acrylic on canvas.

“La Senaida”

La Cachetona by artist Chelo Gonzalez, acrylic on canvas.

“la cachetona”

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