Artist Damyn Young


Photographer and Artist Damyn Young has had a life of imagination and action. Damyn was a student of photography while in high school and university, and as a young man Damyn laid that interest aside to pursue other dreams.  He graduated from the University of Western Ontario in London, Ontario with a BA of Political Science major; attended Mountview Theatre School in London, England; instructed ESL in Korea; designed and manufactured furniture in India; and traveled to over 42 countries.

Damyn, along with his partner John, eventually chose Ajijic, Mexico as the place to settle and he has become one of the regions premier Real Estate agents. Last year, the photographer’s muse returned and restored him to his original imaginings – the golden hours of lands near and far captured in high-res digital format, his lens illuminating the scenes and their textures while evoking the fragrance and sound. “My giclée are large,” says Damyn. “I want people to feel like they can walk into the world that is reflected in each photograph.”

Contact Information for Artist Damyn Young:
Vonage: 1 (602) 218-7273
Phone: (Mexico) (045) 331-603-7501

Mexican street with buildings on both sides in black and white by artist Damyn Young.


Artist Damyn Young photo of Black and white image of an old mexican window in a stucco wall.


Buildings with yellow hue from dusk lighting by artist Damyn Young.


Bougainvillea with fucia blossums against a white stucco wall photographed by artist Damyn Young.


Artist Damyn Young, Sepia photograph of a buffalo standing in front of a stucco wall



Artist Damyn Young captured two girls laughing in a busy city square in this photograph.


Horse tied up outside the Chameleon Bar in Ajijic, Mexico.

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