Artist Luis Enrique

When the artist Luis Enrique Martinez Hernandez was a small child, he’d spend hours drawing in the garden of the San Juan Cosala hacienda that his parents cared for. At that early age, he drew what he saw around him, sometimes everything in shades of red (the artist’s favorite color). His parents encouraged his work and while in primary and secondary school, he found himself entering art contests, winning first place on many occasions. Luis Enrique regularly attended the Neill James Art Program at the Lake Chapala Society. There, he developed his realistic style under the guidance of local artists Javier Zaragoza, Efren Gonzalez, Enrique Velasquez, Jose Duran and Bruno Mariscal, to name a few.

Luis is now a volunteer at the Neill James Art Program where he inspires other young artists. His works have been on the cover of the Lake Chapala Review three times, and he’s exhibited his work at the Ajijic Cultural Center, the Ajijic Society of the Arts shows, and in various local art fairs, among others.

Luis Enrique cites his artistic influences as Goya, Da Vinci, Van Gogh, Picasso, as well as Mexican artists Rivera and Orozco, and today Luis Enrique experiments with Impressionism and Surrealism. “For the most part, I have always painted just to paint,” he says. “As I’ve matured as a person, I now want to deliver the viewer a message that art can be a source of innovation, creation, provide meaning and symbols, and express the feelings of the artist.” This is his goal as an artist, and one can see he is well on his way. He welcomes ideas from aficionados of art, too. “I am not afraid to talk to people about new ideas and vision for my art. It gives me new challenges to overcome. Art is my passion and my life!”

Contact Information Artist Luis Enrique:
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(Mexico) (045) 331-242-6494

Watercolour painting on paper by artist Luis Enrique of 2 friends standing in front of a house.

“Las Comadres”

Las Comadres
Acuarela on Paper.
35×45 cm. $1,200 pesos

Watercolour on paper by artist Luis Enrique of Ajijic, Mexico, painting of Birds of Paradise blossums.

“Aves del Paraiso”

Acuarela on Paper
30×40 cm, $1,200 pesos

Watercolour painting of Un Bello Atardecer on paper by artist Luis Enrique of Ajijic, Mexico.

“Un Bello Atardecer”

Acuarela on Paper
30×40 cm $1,200 pesos

Watercolour painting on paper of Sembrando by artist Luis Enrique of Mexico.

“Sembrando Vida”

Acuarela on Paper.
35×45 cm $1,250 pesos

Watercolour painting on paper by artist Luis Enrique of Ajijic, Mexico of a pink rose

“Amanecer de Una Rosa”

Acuarela on Paper.
30×20 cm $1,000 pesos

Watercolour painting of Mi Pueblito on paper by artist Luis Enrique of Mexico.

“Mi Pueblito”

Acuarela on Paper
35×45 cm $1,250 pesos

“Come to Ajijic for the Art and Artists.”

Horse tied up outside the Chameleon Bar in Ajijic, Mexico.

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