Artist Brian Pimlott


Artist Brian Pimlott’s sense of place comprises the core of his vision – what he sees, he paints, whether a landscape beheld or the alchemy on canvas of inner experience touching outer reality. The painting style of Manchester, UK, native artist Brian Pimlott, with its colour and vitality and happiness jumping from the canvas, reflects the accumulation of inner and outer experiences from the many diverse places that he has hung his palette. Besides Manchester, Pimlott has lived on the island of Guernsey in the English Channel, in Ireland and in Indianapolis, Indiana. After relocating to Ajijic in 1996, Pimlott began to modify the painting style of his art from realistic representations of landscapes and street scenes to more abstract works, which he says reflects an emotional response to the abundance of sensory stimulation that life in the village provides. Sunshine and shadow, colour, (musical or dissonant) together with the joy of the Mexican people provide a wonderfully stimulating ambiance. Pimlott studied architecture at Manchester University and had an international career before his retirement. He cites as his influences Willem de Kooning, Joan Mitchel, Robert Motherwell and Helen Frankenthaler among others.

Contact Information for Artist Brian Pimlott:
(Mexico) 376-766-0543

Blue, white and red diptych paintigs on canvas by artist Brian Pimlott.

Acrylic diptych painting on canvas.
30″x24″ $400 USD

Painting by artist Brian Pimlot of Blue, green and red abstract acrylic painting on canvas.

“Untitled #5”

Acrylic painting on canvas.
30″x24″ – $400 USD

Water colour painting of Calle Morelos in Ajijic by artist Brian Pimlott.

“Calle Morelos”

Watercolor painting on paper.
$200. USD

Artist Brian Pimlott's painting on canvas of Red and turquoise abstract acrylic

Acrylic painting on canvas.
30″x24″ $400 USD

Red, white and blue abstract painting on canvas by Artist Brian Pimlott.

Acrylic painting on canvas.
30″x24″ $400 USD

Blue abstract acrylic painting by artist Brian Pimlott on canvas.

Acrylic painting on canvas.
30″x24″ $400 USD

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