Artist Jesus Lopez Vega


Artist Jesus Lopez Vega explores the intersection of the personal and the cultural in his paintings, sculpture and murals. Jesus Lopez Vega has works in private art collections all over the world, and has exhibited in galleries throughout Mexico. In Jesus’s mystical works you will find the visions of the ancients, the energy of Mexico’s native traditions, the schemes of its political reformers, and an individual’s psychological experience of it all. Combining powerful renditions of Mexican magical surrealism with folkloric images, the brilliant colours and shapes of Jesus Lopez Vega’s art shout out in joy and, sometimes, despair.

Jesus Lopez Vega is largely a self-taught artist, hence the originality of his work, and he credits his childhood immersion in art as the reason he has found a high-level of artistic success today. “I was so fortunate to find myself at the Neil James’ children’s art program each Saturday,” he says. “There, I learned technique and was given confidence.”  Whenever he’s not honing a new artistic vision, Vega can be found teaching in volunteer capacity at the ongoing Children’s Art Program at the Lake Chapala Society in Ajijic, founded forty five years ago by Miss James, one of Ajijic’s original expatriates.

Contact Information:
Rio Zula #7 Esq. Ocampo
Ajijic, Jalisco Mexico Phone: (Mexico) 045 331-103-8380

Michiciualli mixed media by artist Jesus Vega


Mixed media. 100×60 cms $500 USD

Eterna Lucha acrylic painting on canvas by artist Jesus Lopez Vega of Ajijic, Mexico.

“Eterna Lucha”

Acrylic on canvas. 100×80 cms. $1200. USD

Mexican Artist Jesus Lopez Vega's El Escuadron de la Muerte oil painting on canvas

“El Escuadron de la Muerte”

Oil on canvas. 100×110 cms $2400 USD

Rapavilleme acylic on canvas painting by Mexican artist Jesus Lopez Vega.


Acrylic on canvas. 90×110 cms $1200 USD

Artist Jesus Lopez Vega of Mexico original painting El Trencito, acrylic on canvas.

“El Trenecito”

Acrylic on canvas. 100×80 cms. $1200. USD

Rio Santiago acrylic on canvas painting by artists Jesus Lopez Vega of Ajijic, Mexico.

“Rio Santiago”

Acrylic on canvas.
100×60 cms – $1200 USD

“Come to Ajijic for the Art and Artists.”

Horse tied up outside the Chameleon Bar in Ajijic, Mexico.

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